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 Application - Tra

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PostSubject: Application - Tra   Application - Tra EmptyFri May 22, 2009 5:12 am

Name: Transcend
Class: Thief->Assassin
Level: 31
Previous Experience: Beta tested MS and GB. Played other MMOs such as Rappelz, Fairy Land, Conquer Online, et cetera. Was a semi-competitive DotA Player, was part of the organizing team that organized a North American tournament. Is currently the top admin at the DotA facebook group.
Age: 17 turning 18, how exactly is this relevant?
Country: Canada
Reference: Judging by the application page, egaleblade is the only one that knows me. I'm pretty sure he will vouch for me, considering he said that there was no party that runs as fast as my CBT party and as long. (Ran M4s in 6-8 minutes for several hours.)
Notes: Admin of two private vent servers. One merely a channel admin, but I have utter control of that channel, so yeah. No one defies me in that channel except the owner, the owner is rarely on and I'm on good terms. Played CBT for 4 days and reached 31.5 with a crappy laptop that got me the medal for dying, died over 75 times. Uhh, played until 7-8am for two nights, because I wanted my abilities. Once my PC is up, I'll be playing for PVP more-so than leveling, but obviously a balance of both so I don't fall behind. The most persistent faggot you will ever meet when it comes to something I have to do or a special quest. Also the friendliest person you will probably ever meet, don't take me too seriously when I joke around though. I only join close-knit guilds, I don't want to sound pretentious, but although I'm applying here, my staying will be ultimately determined by how close I can get with the members. I am choosing. A good guild is not determined by the levels, the items or the amount of time played, it's determined by how the members interact with one another and their synergy. Lastly, I tent to rant when I'm bored, so...that's my bad quality.
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Application - Tra Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Tra   Application - Tra EmptyFri May 22, 2009 5:19 am

[TYG]Tra wrote:
17 turning 18, how exactly is this relevant?

It's exactly relevant as part of getting to know you and being the close-knit guild you spoke of. Accepted.
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Application - Tra
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